Log Hill Mesa
— Ouray County, Colorado

Ouray County is located in southwestern Colorado and is nestled into the corner made by the San Juan and Cimarron mountain ranges. It is about 550 square miles, and is home to around 4,500 full-time residents.

Log Hill Mesa is one of two mesas overlooking the town of Ridgway, a quaint crossroads town where people know each other, most of the streets are still dirt, and the views breathtaking.

Log Hill affords incredible views of the San Juan mountain range to the south and the Cimarron range to the east-southeast. These two ranges meet in a gorgeous tight valley; at the end of that valley is the lovely Town of Ouray, the “Switzerland of America”.

On the south end of Log Hill Mesa are several homesite developments, with several hundred lots of 1-10 acres each. Elsewhere on the mesa, lots tend to be 35-120 acres, serviced by a number of county and private roads. All told, there are as many as 2,500 residents on Log Hill — more than half of the county’s residents.

Visitors can find information on this site, as well as at the Ridgway and Ouray info sites.

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